“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Welcome Aboard!
We are a couple of middle-aged folks that aren’t terribly sexy or beautiful but have finally taken steps to overcome the fear of failure and pursue our (mostly mine) dream of seeing the world from the deck of our our own sailing boat.  Our hope is that this site will serve to bring you along in some small way on our adventures.

Captain – Jason
First Mate – Cyndee
Chief Security Officer – Meeka (12 pound PeekaPoo)

In the beginning… Corcodile rock Cumbrae
I have always been fascinated by the sea.  I can remember looking out from the shore of the Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland, probably only 6 years old, and dreaming of adventures too far away destinations.  I would wander for hours peering into tidal pools fascinated by the vast array of life, trapped momentarily by the ever consistent ebb and flow of the seemingly endless expanse of sea water stretching to the horizon.  I would marvel at the grace and power with which the sailing boats moved across the waves, dreaming, wishing I could experience that freedom.

Ten years later I found myself living near the coast in Texas with unlimited access to a small boat named “sunshine” an Alcort Sunfish.  I would walk for an hour to the Houston Yacht Club where she was stored and spend the entire day out in Galveston Bay with no particular destination but experience and joy.  Let’s just say, it’s good to start sailing when the cost of poor judgement results only in getting wet and righting a capsized Sunfish!

Sealing the deal…
In the late 1980’s my father and his good friend Ray Porter purchased a 33’ Freedom Cat Ketch we named “Welfare”.  Sometime during this period I got my first taste of what boat ownership is all about… cleaning and fixing the boat!  We had sucFarra_86 on Boath great experiences… running aground, prop shafts slipping from transmissions, sailing into the slip engineless, you know, the usual.  We had the boat whipped into shape and planned to join the Regatta de Amigos, an annual sailing regatta from Galveston to Veracruz Mexico.  The experience of sailing over the horizon into water so deep the depth sounder was useless, where the ship’s radio was nothing but a decoration, was exhilarating and terrifying all at once!

After 5 days of motor sailing roughly 600 NM, not much wind that summer, we arrived off the coast of Veracruz in the dark.  Not Good.  Dad made what would ultimately be a life altering decision for me that evening… we would head out to sea and wait for daylight before attempting the tricky harbor entrance.  Mind you, this was before GPS technology was readily available and let’s just say the Mexican reef markers were inadequate to say the least.  Within hours we found ourselves in a crazy storm, lightning so close the hair on your arms would stand up even though soaked with rain and sea water.  50-60 MPH winds and swells towering above the 40 foot masts of our ever shrinking vessel.  It. Was. Awesome!  In some perverse way I felt so alive in those hours aboard.  I found myself repeating a phrase my father often muttered… “the boat can take more than you can”.  The next morning we followed a fishing boat into the harbor, no one knew what we had endured that night as we found our spot on the impressive concrete bulkhead.

I will never fully understand the transformation and seed of adventure that was planted in my soul that night.  I have been trying to orchestrate a scenario ever since then that would allow me to live on the sea, travel to places only imagined in the mind of God, and to discover how I can use this passion for His glory.

How did I get here?
Since that time I have spent more hours than I care to remember… sorry to all those who employed me during those 25 plus years… reading blogs, cruising sailing discussion boards, exploring options and information to form a foundation of information that would presumably provide a basis for making wise decisions regarding purchasing a boat and all things relating to the cruising and live aboard lifestyle. Needless to say yachtworld.com, sailboatlistings.com and craigslist were all frequented on nothing less than a daily basis as I searched for the best boat for the life I had been dreaming of.  Fortunately/Unfortunately I was comfortable with this scenario… if you never commit to the lifestyle you are dreaming about then your dream can’t come to and end… you can carry on the fantasy without risk.

As I have grown older and become more aware of the brevity of my own life I have landed on this defining principal.  Do what you love what you do.  I don’t want to have regrets.  I want to experience and BE who I am… at the core.

In 2015 my wife and I were confronted with the opportunity to sell our home, downsize to an apartment, and put up or shut up on this whole live aboard lifestyle.  Did I mention how amazing Cyndee is?  She encouraged me to actively pursue the purchase of our future sailing home.  I’m sure we will explore that process further in a future post but long story short is that we purchased a beautiful 1978 CSY 44 Walk Over in Trinidad named Kokoro.

I traveled to Trinidad in November 2015 to do a pre-purchase survey and launch a boat that had been stored on the hard (on dry land) for the past 6 years.  We (I) overcame our fears and signed off on the purchase… no turning back now!  Kokoro 2016

Kokoro literally means “heart”, yet the word contains shades of meaning, and can be translated as “the heart of things” or “feeling”.  Join us as we discover, fail, persevere, triumph and learn on this amazing journey.  If you are dreaming of your own journey, don’t wait… you will never regret becoming who you were created to be.  Don’t become paralyzed by fear of failure, but be catapulted into the fantastical unknown by the realization that life is but a vapor.  Pursue your passions.  Do what you love what you do.

Stay tuned for progress on our delivery back to Houston!

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